I Feel that in my first ever blog it is appropriate to explain both my email address. just to get it out there in the open my email address is ‘beth_rox_34@hotmail.com’. YES I did spell ‘rocks’ like ‘rox’ and YES there are under slashes and a .com when I am infact a citizen of the UK. However there is evidence to prove that I am not just some socially inept 17 year old, well one of those statements is true anyway, I’ll let you decide. This email address was made for me when I was 8 years old by my beautiful, cool big sister. I entrusted the naming of the email to her knowing that anything she came up with would be oh so glamorous, I was oh so wrong! I mean if I was in mean girls I doubt this email would even have deemed me cool enough to be a member of mathleet. But there I was in my youthful ignorance feeling like God with my first ever email address, I had it all, nothing would hold me back- what would come next? a phone, straight hair, small feet? sadly 8 year old Beth would have to wait 2 more years until receiving a bright luminous green phone, 5 more years until people stopped referring to her as ‘curlybap’ and well I hate to break it to you 8 year old me, but you will always have these above average, heffers that some unworldly creator decided to give you as feet. I began to surf the net signing up to anything and everything with my sassy new email. I had a domain in the technological world- I was Beth and I roxed but I wasn’t yet 34. Soon the emails from signuptothiswebsitetoreceiveayear’ssupplyofchocolate.com (yes I was also a major chubster) starting pouring in and my inbox expanded grossly. I soon realised that the effort it took to claim these freebies was more than I was willing to exert so I went outside and played with chalk and bikes for a couple more years. Then came the social networking craze of bebo and there I was in the midst of it all with my funky fresh email address sharing the love and naming all my best friends with alternate uppercase – lowercase letters. I resided here not long until moving onto the daunting world of facebook. I felt insignificant and unwelcome in a place bio’s and flashboxes weren’t welcome yet there was my email reminding me that I was Beth, I rocked but I still wasnt quite 34. My email and I have been a dedicated member of facebook for 4 years now and we’ve never looked back. what with our 802 friends (all of which we know oh so well) and our occasional big hitter status’. The most recent site I have ventured into bringing my good old email along with me is twitter witty twitter and 1,759 tweets later I can say I think we have rocked that network pretty instantaneously. Yes its true my email and I have been through a lot together and have faced ridicule along the way. There are 79 people in my year, mention two words- ‘Beths email’ and the majority will probably laugh in hysterics. Yes that’s right my email and I are famous. I even got an email from my teacher with the class handout in it – subheaded , ‘change your email before uni’, My teacher does fancy himself as Portstewarts answer to Frankie Boyle, it has to be noted. Anyway the moral of the story is I have been burdened with this email address for too many years now to let it shrivel into non-existence. This label stays with me forever. I will be that person with that email address until the day when emails are eradicated and messages transmitted through telepathy and stored in a special compartment in the brain. My email stuck with me unashamed by the 8 year old with fly away frizzy hair, rolls of tummy fat and oaf feet so I will stick by my email now that I have slightly less but still frizzy hair, one distinct roll of tummy fat and sadly even more oafly feet until I’m…… lets say, 34 😉